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Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham - The Juicy Juggernaut of Controversy

I've been meaning to address the Ashley Graham issue for a while now, and how her Lane Bryant commercial was censored while similar Victoria Secrets commercials get aired all the time on network televsion. For me, the specific question comes down to this: why is a voluptuous woman verboten in American culture? Why is it that magazines and TV sponsors can appreciate Kate Moss walking across a beach in a thong, but are petrified of Ms. Graham in the same scenario? Is it really about repulsion to a curvy body, or does it go deeper, to trying to maintain the status quo and not let the public form a real appreciation of zaftig women for fear that might set the new standard? And why was mainstream America more accepting of Rubenesque figures in the 40s, but not today? There doesn't seem to be any clear answers to any of this, but this article provides an interesting and insightful discussion...

Plus Size vs. Size Zero: America's Skewed Body Image

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