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Sabrina Hunter: the epitome of Indosplace.


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Carol Seleme - Kevin McCall - "Naked" ft. Big Sean

Carol Seleme is looking great in the new Kevin McCall video "Naked." This is one of those better-than-average music videos for an aspiring model, as it really showcases the models and has some nifty production design. Carol was kind enough to give me a brief interview on how to get into a music video like this. It's a good read for aspiring models. (Below photo by Roberto Blanco.)

1. How did you get the video?

I got the video through Shatter Proof Marketing, which is an agency I work with. I also book lots of work independently but most music videos I book through them.

2. Were you selected outright, call back, etc.

In this instance I didn’t even have to go to a casting call, which was great. They were looking for girls who were at least 5’8 and I got booked through my pics.

3. Is booking a job just thru pics alone something a newbie could expect to happen, or is that reserved for the more experienced models that people have seen in action?

I think as long as they have good pics and get submitted they should be fine.

4. Was the shoot a long day? Several days?

Music videos are always long . . . I was there from 2pm to 1am on Easter Sunday.

5. How is the pay for these sorts of gigs, ballpark - did negotiate at all or was it fixed?

The pay varies a lot for music video these days, you can always negotiate if you are ready to piss a production off, but it might be worth it! I would say the pay for this one was on the average side, like $350.

6. Of course, the big question - did that special effect shot require you to actually be naked for the vid?

I was hoping to let people’s mind wonder on this one . . . but I think we all know there’s no reason to be naked on set when there is this amazing little invention called pasties out there!

7. Any advice to aspiring models about breaking into this business?

Do it if you think the pay is reasonable, not for the exposure, or else you can be deeply disappointed. Its always exciting when the video comes out and you got good camera time, but you can never guarantee that, and a production will always try to convince you to do it for cheaper by throwing out some BS like ‘You’re the lead!’ then you get there and yeah you’re the lead . . . along with 8 other ‘leads’! So don’t even give them your phone number since they think models are brain-dead and will try to take advantage of you, give them your manager’s number.

What matters is that you get compensated for your time, like on any other job. So don’t do it for free or for some pitiful pay, and don’t be throwing yourself in front of the camera, respect yourself.

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Yoncee in KING

One of the better looking new models to hit the scene in the last five years. Follow Yoncee on Twitter here. Additional scan here. (Click to enlarge)


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Melyssa Ford 2011 Malibu Photo Shoot

There's no denying Melyssa Ford is an icon in the urban modeling genre. Yet the below photo of Melyssa in Scott Hebert's port has nary a comment beneath it on Model Mayhem. There was a time you couldn't release a photo of Melyssa Ford without a herd of fanboys and jealous women swarming it with comments and passing it around. Which leads to the question: is Ms. Ford still relevant?

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Bria Myles - Hips on Deck Magazine

Look for Bria in the next issue of Hips on Deck coming up. Here's a little preview shot. Also check for Bria in the Memorial Day issue of SHOW Magazine coming soon...
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