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Marielle Jaffe

Marielle Jaffe - From Girls Gone Wild to "Scream 4"

When Marielle Jaffe first appears in "Scream 4," which is teeming with beauties, you will immediately notice her. She is one of those women that is effortlessly captivating. Marielle's fast rise to stardom underscores the difference between doing a little cheesecake in mainstream versus urban. Dollicia Bryan would probably kill (literally) for a key role in the Scream franchise, and she's been at this nearly 5 years. Meanwhile, Marielle hit the scene just 2 years ago, in Girls Gone Wild magazine no less - a venue many would consider more risqué than KING magazine. And yet she started off in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

This is not to detract from Marielle's acting skills or likability onscreen, because she's good, but I've seen urban models who were comparable and didn't get these types of opportunities. Further, we just heard up-and-coming actress, Andrea Bordeaux, warn against this very type of sexy exposure for aspiring actresses. How are we to reconcile this with Ms. Jaffe's undoubtedly impressive career trajectory?

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