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Leila Arcieri

KING Magazine Premiere Issue - Winter 2002

One of the long time members here recently asked me about the official run of original KING Magazine (not the recently ressurrected version which is all T&A and no editorial content). For the record - and even I didn't realize this until tonight - there was a Preview Issue of KING that debuted in August 2002. Then the regular run began sometime in Winter 2002 and lasted until April 2009, when it was officially announced that KING was closing down its doors. One of the issues in contention is whether the urban mags really ever had quality ads in them (which eventually decreased over time as the pictorials became raunchier) or whether that is just an "urban legend." My oppoent - oops, I mean blog member Winking - appears ready to cast aside this quote from a 2007 Village Voice article: "[T]itles exclusively devoted to the subject (urban modeling) are a relatively new phenomenon, and national advertisers don't yet seem convinced of their power to persuade. While King features spots from Newport cigarettes, Harley-Davidson, and Budweiser, BlackMen relies partly on porn titles like The Big Ass Party 2 and Booties on Duty 3. Smooth resorts to penis-enlargement pill"

At any rate, I'll let RG assert his position on this matter, but I'm not even sure I disagree with him. BTW, these are new scans (not sure I've ever seen this inside page scan of Leila on the net)

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