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Shirley C. - Tanned Perfection

Shirley C. Small
It's Shirley's turn! Check out her "media test" video talking about her trip to the Winter Music Conference 2012 in Miami. NOTE: Shirley has promised an additional video, slightly more revealing in the next day (e.g., she's gonna stand up in that outfit) - I'll link it to the 2nd pic, leave comments with any suggestions... Winking (Shirley has no Twitter or Facebook for now, but you guys may be able to convince her.)

Click first image below for video...

DSC07837-Shirley-Indosplace-xsm copy

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Sobella & Shirley: Gym Candids

In a happy coincidence that couldn't have been planned out better if I tried, Sobella and Shirley actually met up at the gym a second time and took a couple exclusive candids for y'all. Man these two... clawd ha mercy, lol... Leave a comment and let them know what you think.


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Brand New-bians: A Few Seriously Qualified Aspiring Models

I'm scheduled to shoot with one of these models next month - can you guess who?

Olivia - A 23-year-old Ohioan with serious curves and a dance/theater background. She's a former NKU student with a great attitude (42" hips don't hurt either)


Shirley - A 25-year-old college student from Harlem who hopes to be a top Public Relations professional after graduation. She hopes to hit the pages of KING magazine before the year is out...


Sobella - Innocent looks with devilish curves seems to be the theme with this CUNY graduate. This isn't her first time on Indosplace and with any luck we'll shoot this summer...

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