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Brittney Glaze Exclusive Interview - Maxim Top 10 Hometown Hottie

As some of you know, I did a feature on model Brittney Leigh Glaze in July 2011 that got a very good reception. Since that time, Brittney has managed to become a Top 10 Maxim Hometown Hottie and be featured in the latest issue of Maxim as well their 2012 Calendar. Not too shabby... Well, I'm counting on her to be selected as number one. Brittney did a brief interview with me for this blog post to update us on her latest adventures.

How did you initially get involved with the Maxim Hometown Hotties competition?

I intitially got involved by applying for the contest as a joke thinking there was no way of me getting top ten!

How many competitors were there in total that the final 10 were chosen from?

There were thousands of entrys then they narrowed it down to top 100 then down to top 10.

Has being affiliated with Maxim changed anything in terms of your modeling career?

It has changed some. People have noticed me a little more and in my hometown I'm a local celeberity. I've also received a lot more job oppurtunities...

That's gotta be nice. How do you feel about your chances of being chosen as number one?

Well I got to hang out with the top ten hotties for a week. All of them are gorgeous and very awesome chicks so it's gonna be tough to pick a #1...

I did a feature on you in July 2011 that received a lot of attention. My blog generally features curvier models and has a largely ethnic fan base. Have you found that being more voluptuous broadens your appeal, in terms of your fan base?

In this industry they either LOVE my curves or HATE them. I like who I am. What you see is what you get. You'll never see me starving myself for work.

Wow, you don't hear that type of resolve and self confidence much in this industry. I bet you will be even more embraced because of loving who you are and not changing it.

What major projects do you have coming up in the future?

I have a few ad campaigns I'm doing.. Maxim of course..A few catalogs..Traveling for promo's and hopefully winning Maxim's top hottie!

Hahaha - I see you snuck in an answer to my previous question there at the end. Congratulations on all your success!

--> Be sure to vote Brittney into the number one spot HERE (voting ends December 5, 2011)


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