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Candace Smith

Candace Smith - Speaking of Urban Models Who Deserve a Shot...

Candace Smith graduated from one of the top law schools in the US - Northwestern University School of Law - and passed the Ohio bar exam. As an actress she was one of "Barker's Beauties" on The Price is Right game show and went on to have roles on Fox's Method and Red, HBO's Entourage and NBC's Joey. In 2006, she also had a memorable role in the Broken Lizard comedy Beerfest (nudity)

So why hasn't Candace been able to break through the fourth wall? If would appear she's perfectly qualified. Is it simply a matter of the intense competition to become the next ingenue in Hollywood?


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Candace Smith - Top Tier

Aspiring urban models take note: this is how you do it. Candace holds a law degree from top ranked Northwestwern and has a great portfolio of photos. You may have seen her on "Entourage.” Check out her website here.


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