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Dian Hanson

Bria Myles in "The Big Butt Book"

The Big Butt Book ($59.99, Taschen Books) is the fourth in a series of "art books" from Taschen celebrating the human form in all its glory, profiling some of the highest-profile examples and overloading on archival images from throughout the history of erotic art and nudie mags. Here, Taschen's Sexy Books Editor Dian Hanson follows up on The Big Book of Breasts and The Big Book of Legs. **Bria Myles makes an appearance in the book.**

This is actually a good look because this book will be around forever in stores and even some libraries, while the magazines Bria has done will have long faded out. This series of art books by Taschen is very well respected.

As Bria's lawyer, my only question is: can you sell an art book like this using other people's photos without their permission? (Rhetorical question, lol)



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