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Recent Kim Kardashian Candid

This one caught my eye.


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Carol Seleme- The Keyframes Don't Lie

I’ve been meaning to post this “Dear Cali” video for a while. It’s not often a model will get a music video where they are the lead and they really get to own the production - where every frame is like a love letter to the model. This is one of them.

You can scrub along this entire music video and just about any frame you land on of Carol Seleme is awesome. Watch that sexy little walk she does in front of the lowrider. Self possessed sexy. Yep, good ole Carol has come into her own. Also, thumbs way up to Adam Roberts Photo for shooting this right.



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Brittany Janelle - New Model

There’s no denying I have a soft spot for the brown skin models trying to get in the game. Having repped Bria Myles for several years, it is undeniably more challenging for a darker model to gain advancement, all things being equal. Brittany Janelle is a new model that caught my eye this regard. If someone were to ask me (no one will), “Indo, what is one of the few things you still enjoy about running this blog?” I would answer: the ability to point people’s attention to new models that are a cut above. This woman’s curves and overall look qualify for that distinction IMO.


I see you are in the latest issue of SHOW. How did that come about?

I submitted photos and had the look they were going for. Had to audition to see if I really looked as I did in real life. Went to the audition in LA and was told I would be in an upcoming issue. Also, I was persistent on twitter, had been on a few blogs, and had a great portfolio that showed my potential. Plus there aren’t a lot of Brown skin girls in the game with no tattoos piercing and all natural bodies. I think I have a totally unique look you would never think a girl like me would come from a small suburb…

What are your main goals in urban modeling?

My goals are to become a brand, a household name. I want to be seen and profit without compromising my beliefs.

Do you see yourself getting into acting/using this as a platform for something bigger in entertainment, or are you just bestowing your beauty on the world in your peak years?

I would say both. I am all about beauty and fashion and can act I grew up a pageant girl just comes natural. I hope to get into fitness because I can do that until the day I die.
What is your ultimate career goal (e.g., what do you wanna be when you grow up)?
I’m a makeup artist by trade is a way of life. I want to continue my brand to still profit even if I quit I still continue to generate revenue from my images and merchandise.
So far, what is your favorite thing about this genre of modeling and what is your least favorite thing?

My favorite thing is meeting new people the glam and money of course. Least favorite is the false advertising its sad a lot of girls don’t look as hot and are kinda rude in real life.
Were there any particular models that inspired you to do this, and if so, which ones?
I would say Erica Mena. I adore her she is multi-faceted and appeals to any demographic and she is unique and can represent anything from urban to couture.
What sign are you?
Taurus the sexiest sign there is of course.
What's next?
My website which has exclusive content and footage of me. Paperdolls Magazine and a major music video and more publications. As well mens apparel with unique designs for fly dudes.Im a ring girl in northern California in the MMA scene so you can def see me doing that.
[Editor’s Note: I contacted Brittany about doing an interview for the blog and she got back to me within an hour and returned the interview questions in the same day. She also followed me back on Twitter. It’s called being professional. You’d be amazed how many models have failed majorly in this regard. Bravo Brittany! Hope you go far.]


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Former Bikini Model Named Highest Paid Actress

Today CNN announced that Modern Family star Sophia Vergara is the highest paid actress on television, with estimated earnings of $19 million between May 2011 and May 2012. Just to put this in perspective, in 2006 Sophia was romping around as a sexy stewardess in Soul Plane, doing the raunchiest of jokes, largely
centered on her sexuality. She’s been in exclusive pictorials for Maxim, Stuff and FHM magazine at least a half dozen times. In short, Sophia used to be a bikini model (the more mainstream equivalent of an urban model).

I realize there are some difference between the mainstream opportunities for a Eurocentric sex kitten and a black one, but still… This would indicated the theory that taking sexy photos will kill any chance at a valid Hollywood career is grossly flawed. As further, support just look at who came in number 2 on Forbes list of highest paid TV actresses: none other than the interracial sex tape queen herself, Kim Kardashian, who took in $18 million in that same period.

The fact is, glamour modeling can be used as a launching pad to a bigger career, you just have to have some talent beyond looking good.


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Jen Oaks' 2012 Cheeky Calendar

I am on the late freight with this one, but I thought this charming calendar by Berkeley-based artist Jen Oaks was worth mentioning. The celebration of curvy women needs every tasteful bit of iconography it can get. Unfortunately the calendar is sold out. Her work reminds me a lot of Adrian Tomine’s art. Also, bravo for including women of color.


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Mal's Return

Mal Malloy as of today…. Video to follow in the coming days (hours?). Stay tuned.


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