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Cindy Crawford

The Cindy Crawford 1990 Swimsuit Calendar - Inspiration

There were a couple of things that directly contributed to my wanting to get involved with swimsuit photography. The 1991 (or '92) issue of Ebony Man Swimsuit Edition, with model Daphne Duvernay on the cover. Jet Magazine Beauty of the Week. And The 1990 Cindy Crawford Swimsuit Calendar photographed by Marco Glaviano. That list should probably be in reverse order, because this calendar had a really big impact on me. It was one of the first times I saw something that was truly tasteful and sexy at the same time, in print. To this day, I still think a lot of these images are better than what is being done in the urban market. (Just look at these images compared to the Smooth shots directly below)

I remember they interviewed Marco for Cindy's 1991 calendar on MTV and he said something to the effect of "People look down on swimsuit photography, but because of its simplicity it is more likely to look good years from now than fashion photography." I think he was right. (Scans from my copy of the calendar, which used to fetch about $100 on eBay)

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