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Catya Washington - KING Summer 2010

I'm glad I interviewed Ms. Cat when I did, because she's about to blow up. These are the type of images and Catya is the type of model that might have saved the urban modeling industry from the current slump that it's in. But there's a war afoot between models and magazine editors, and editors often give in to the models that are willing to do a little something extra to be in a magazine as opposed to who is the hottest. On the other hand, the hottest models can also be a handful to work with. In the end, it's the consumer that really loses out when these two sides can't get it together. Thankfully, they did in this case. Bravo to Ms. Cat and KING magazine! (Scans by me goddamnit, lol - click to enlarge) Oh, there are two pics I didn't scan so pick up a copy!

Catya-Indosplace2 copy
Catya5-Indosplace copy
Catya-Indosplace3c copy
Catya-Indosplace3 copyCatya-Indosplace6 copy

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Bria Myles - Atlanta Dymes - 3d Set

Nuff said.


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Sanaa Lathan - Regal Beauty or Predator Slayer?

Maybe both.


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Mal Malloy as Rion Vernon Art

Rion Vernon is one of my favorite concept artists. Next month Mal is going to attempt to embody the look of one of his pinup toon pics. We already have one in mind, but to make it semi-democratic she thought it might be a good idea to put it to a vote.
Pick one of the three drawings below to see Mallory dress up like this next month.


One Larissa Candid

woohoo Follow Larissa on Twitter here Social - Twitter_16x16


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Sex & The City Starlet: Kristin Davis

I've liked Kristin Davis since back from when she played Billy Campbell's psycho girlfriend on the original "Melrose Place." She used to be pretty thick back then, at least compared to what we're used to seeing on television. I might also add that as you mature, seeing a beautiful woman in her 40s is even more impressive than seeing one that's 25. After all, everything is cute when it's a baby.


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Melyssa Ford - The G.O.A.T. (of Urban Modeling)

Let's be clear about something: just because I think Melyssa Ford isn't that appealing as an actress doesn't diminish her as an urban model. In fact, in my opinion, she is the undisputed G.O.A.T. of urban modeling because she did more to define the genre than anyone else. (Note: I couldn't find a verified Twitter account for Melyssa. If someone knows what it is, let me know.)


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Stacey Dash - Smooth Magazine # 46

Classic Stacey Dash and what appears to be a pretty solid outing for Smooth Magazine. Catch Stacey Dash on Twitter here Social - Twitter_16x16 (Now these are some scans I'm proud of. Again, these are unusually large files.)


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Khrysti Hill - SHOW - Black Lingerie #11

Let's be honest, these days there are very few newsworthy events where urban modeling is concerned. The golden age has long since been gone. However, every now and again something truly worth blogging about comes along. Khrysti Hill's return to the scene in SHOW magazine constitutes such an event. Enjoy. (Click images for unusually large versions, lol)


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Mal Malloy Talks Big Butts and "David Boring"

The Video
A month ago Mal and I decided she should do a brief review of Dan Clowes graphic novel, David Boring, because it concerns a big butt fetish. I don't think either of us realized what we were getting ourselves into. While I am pleased with what we eventually got, I'm not a video editor and Mal is not an actress, so it proved a little more challenging than we initially thought.
A note about the wait: this took awhile because Mal just started school again and I've got a job. Anyway, I apologize for the delay and appreciate everyone's patience. I think Mal drops some pretty interesting insights about what it's like to be a cute girl like her with a curvy figure (via her read of David Boring of course). It's not everyday you hear a girl with a big butt talk about why she thinks guys like what she's got.

(click Image For Video)
Behind The Scenes/Alternate Take
This is a portion of the first take Mal did of the book review. Her anecdotes about being voluptuous are totally different in this one than the main video. There's something a little sharper and not as mellow about her in this one (aside: As taskmaster, I think I might have driven her to drink, literally, lol (you may discern a slightly buzzed Mal in the main video). For those extra observant readers, I have added an unedited version of one of Mal's takes of the David Boring review as of June 8th - completely different material.

(click Image For Video)

Map - Search_48x48
About The Easter Eggs
This time there are several Easter Egg videos. Three to be exact. In them you get to see the cute panties Mal is wearing under her skirt as well as a take where it's questionable as to whether she's wearing any panties at all. Hint 1: most of the EE videos are placed in ads beneath blog entries that correspond to key dates in David Boring. So, for example, the story starts with David Boring telling us: "It is now February the 24th, 1998, 2:40 AM. Since moving to the city I've had sex with six different women." February 24th might be the blog date of one of the EE vids, if I hadn't given it away, lol. There are probably a dozen dates actually noted in the book, but the ones used for the EE concern major dates (e.g., the date of the attacks, and one is a date Mal refers to in her discussion of the book). You will know when you've seen the most explicit video when you see this guy. (Please do not post the EE videos anywhere else and don't give it away in the comments - however, I will drop more hints in the comments later.) Good luck!

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Claudia Colucci - The Next Vida Guerra?

Model Claudia Colucci is the latest curvy model (read=big butt) craze outside of the US apparently. She just did the April Playboy (non-US) and the photo below is catching on like wildfire around the net. The shoot is very old school Playboy stylistically and has a great look. You can see the whole layout here. You can reach Claudia on Facebook here Social - Facebook_32x32 or Twitter here Social - Twitter_32x32 See more info. about her here (but you gotta be able to read Spanish).


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Two For Tuesday - Nyahale Allie & Vanessa Wilson

I have to thank Sight Beyond Sight for showcasing these two beauties.

You can reach Nyahale here Social - Facebook_32x32 and Vanessa here Social - Twitter_32x32

Nyahale Amelia2
Nyahale Allie
Nyahale Amelia1Nyahale Allie2

Vanessa Wilson:


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Alysha Young - Golden Hour

For all you who hate Photoshop, click to enlarge and see those goosebumps. Reach Alysha here Social - Facebook_32x32

Credits: Hair - JoshJarie Gibbs | Make-Up - Tai Young-Jackson | Styling - M&A Style | Photography:


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Maliah - Sometimes Candid is Better

This has been a strong week for some of the mainstays in the industry. First that surprise Khrysti cover and now these candid shots of Maliah. The only thing that could top this off is some unseen classic Mel Ford. Click here for one additional Maliah shot that's too hot for Google Adsense.


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Khrysti Hill - New SHOW Cover

Khrysti Hill was one of the first really big models to give me an interview for my blog, so I couldn't be happier for her. Plus, she's one of the all time greats in this genre.


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The Red-Headed Stranger - Spider-Man

So I walked into the comic book store tonight and was dumbstruck by this awesome drawing of a leggy, curvy woman leaning against a scooter on the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man No. 602. I asked one of the store workers about it and he was like, "Yeah, very cool cover. She was on the cover the last issue as well." Well, the "she" he was referring to is Mary Jane Watson. She's come back into Peter Parker's life and apparently been significantly retooled by the artistic team.

I'll be honest, I haven't picked up an issue of Spiderman since the 80s, but I sure bought this issue. Hot artwork is hot artwork.


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Ivelisse Pietri aka Eve

I'm a little late on this one. Eve is a Pisces and resides in Florida. You can reach this SHOW model on Facebook here Social - Facebook_32x32
(Thanks to SmackDaddy at Cutie Central for these superb scans.)


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Melissa De Sousa - Timeless Beauty

Melissa De Sousa is another model from the first generation of what might currently be considered video vixens that I photographed. Melissa has been in all sorts of movies and television shows, most notably Malcolm Lee's "The Best Man" and "Biker Boyz." She also had a nice recurring role on the television show "One on One" where she played Flex Alexander's girlfriend.

To see more pics click "Read More"...

(Pic from first day I met De Sousa - film btw)


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