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Phallyn Espinoza - Apocryphal Urban Beauty

Why "apocryphal" you ask? Well, her origins are dubious in nature. Other than attempting to be a Maxim Hometown Hottie, not much is know about Phallyn except that at one time she toyed with the idea of modeling. Notwithstanding Megan Fusako Gaines, I don't know of any other model who is hyped up as much as Phallyn on message boards with folks wanting to know who she is.

You can reach Phallyn on Twitter here.


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New Jernie Photos

EDIT: Jernie as Freddy Krueger pic added.

You'll recall that the beautiful Jernie gave me an interview back in December. Well, once you're in the Indosplace family, you're in for good, lol. These are her latest pics. Such a cutie! (You can reach Jernie on Model Mayhem here and on Twitter here.)


Bonus Pics:


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Becky - One of the 80 Most Beautiful CG Women on The Net

Check out all 80 CG beauties here. Becky was rendered by artist Warren Louw from South Africa.


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UK Modeling Sensation Natalie Suliman: M&S Bra Ad

The 411:

• Who: Natalie Suliman is a 23 year old UK model whose mother is Sudanese.
• What: She is known for being the faceless bra model that caused a stir in Marks & Spencer bra advertisements last year. For a long time no one knew who was behind the incredible breasts in the ad.
• When: She hit the scene in 2009.
• Where: Ms. Suliman is from Islington, UK.
• Why: This 5'8" model is heading for the US to be the next Victoria Secrets model (at least, that's her aspiration)

*Regular Indosplace contributor Anartist first tipped me off about Suliman.


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Brittany Video: SHOW Magazine

This is the new video of Brittany. Unfortunately, she doesn't do any speaking in it, so you still can't really tell what her personality is like. Click photo to load video and give it some time - fairly big video.


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Bria Shot With Atlanta Dymes Today

Atlanta Dymes have been around for a while. They actually shot Tomika Skanes. Bria Myles is looking good as usual. Reach her on Twitter here. (Click to enlarge)


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Curvy White Girl: Mal Malloy aka Watchmalshrink

EDIT: Check the comments for an explanation from Mal herself as to why she closed her accounts.

NOTE: There are several other Mal Malloy videos on this site that cannot be (easily) found elsewhere on the net. Just click the tags below this post to see more Mal Malloy blog entries on

So the latest sensation on Youtube is this really voluptuous white girl from Kennewick, WA who goes by the moniker "Watchmalshrink" (her actual name is Mallory Malloy or Mal Malloy). Originally, her Youtube videos were posted under the guise of watching her progress as she lost weight. But at 5'2" and 140 lbs. it was clear that her viewers had little interest in her dieting techniques and a lot more interest in watching Mal prance around in undies that always seemed one size too small.

From my perspective, I think what makes Mal particularly fascinating is her rareness (the PAWG factor) and her lighthearted approach to having a curvy figure. She's bubbly and fun about it, and in her latest video she openly admits to enjoying being watched by guys who like zaftig women. She even dropped the whole ruse of making the videos to track her weight loss. If you like thick women, trust me, you'll be hooked in no time. You can reach Mal on Twitter here.

(Click to enlarge)

Click pics to play videos below:
Admitting she likes the exhibitionism of it all...


Post Valentine's Day Video....


Mal doing a standard weigh-in...


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Katherine Monsalve - BlackMen Magazine

EDIT: Images updated compliments of Dynasty Series.

I hate to say "I told you so," but these pics of Katherine Monsalve pretty much prove the point of my prior post of her: she's dope!

One thing that is kind of weird is the interview that accompanies Katherine's feature in BlackMen, which reads more like a grand jury inquisition to indict the character of a certain urban manager/agent. I'm not going to reveal who here, but I will say that it appears a gauntlet has indeed been thrown, lol.

You can reach Ms. Monsalve on Twitter here and on Myspace here (she's got some great new pics up on Myspace I hadn't seen before). Click to enlarge pics.


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Brittany - SHOW Art of Sexy

Brittany popped up on more than a few message boards after SHOW's Art of Sexy issue debuted nearly two years ago. She received rave reviews from anyone who laid eyes on her, but like a lot of urban models, Brittany has no identifying information associated with her photos. No last name, no biography, no Twitter page. Nothing. Now that her pics have dropped on Show Girlz Exclusive, we at least know she's from Phoenix Arizona, but that's it.
Anyone with any information on this stunning beauty will be handsomely rewarded. 4


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Sabrina Hunter - End of the Week Special

Well, this formally concludes Sabrina Week, but something tells me I'll be posting more from our last shoot before it's all over. You can reach Sabrina Hunter on Twitter here.


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A Few Bria Myles Konsole Kingz Shots

I'm only posting a few (there are about 15) because it's not my intention to dilute sales of this app (Konsole Kingz are good guys), but if you're a Bria fan, I would strongly suggest getting it. There will be more pics to come and video and also you can view these in much larger size.

Reach Bria on Twitter here.


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Bria Myles - Konsole Kingz iPhone App Commercial


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Sabrina Week Continues

Interesting fact about Sabrina for all you weave intolerant types - those beautiful locks are all hers woohoo (Click to enlarge)


And one bonus candid from the car:


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Sabrina Hunter - Bebe Trench Coat

As part of continuing Sabrina week and from our most recent shoot. (Click to enlarge)


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New Sabrina Hunter - Commercial Appeal

Look at Sabrina, getting her Disney Channel on, lol. Anyway, I took these today. There are a couple different looks so stay tuned. More to come this week. (Click to enlarge - top pic only)
You can reach Sabrina on Twitter here.


And one candid from the shoot...


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Jenna Shea - SHOW Celeb

Jenna's pics just keep getting better in my opinion. I'm starting to see more of what this girl looks like in person in her photos. You can see a couple more of Jenna's new pics here and here, but these might be a little too risque for Mr. Google Adsense's taste, lol.

Reach Jenna Shea on Twitter here.


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Vida Guerra's First Picture Ever - FHM 2002

This is Vida Guerra's first picture ever! Vida did not get her start on the internet, so this photo in the December 2002 issue of FHM represents her origins. Also, she was not identified by name in the original spread. There's always a history lesson for those who care to know here on Indosplace, lol. (Click to enlarge)


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Bar Refaeli - Sport's Illustrated 2010

Shots like this are why I got into this business to begin with back in the 90s'.

Sports Illustrated continues to DOMINATE the swimsuit market. Look at these natural, beautiful shots compared to that overly retouched, overly lit crap we're putting out in the urban market. Pitiful.




Paula Patton - Women's Health

Couldn't find a Twitter for Paula. This is a great cover though. (Click to enlarge)


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Bria in Blue

One of my favorite Bria shots from the website. You can reach Bria on Twitter here.


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Melyssa Ford - '03 Ebony Rider DVD - High Quality

The thick Melyssa Ford before she did her own DVD or calendar. Very interesting to hear her talk about leaving Canada for New York with only $25 in her pocket. Hmmm.... I wonder about the truthfulness of that, lol. Click here to download the HQ version.


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