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Courtney Locks

Courtney Locks - Local Talent

Courtney Locks is a UCLA graduate and an aspiring actress. Unlike most of the models I post here, you will not find any other photos of this nature of Courtney on the web. In fact, you'll hardly find any mention of her online. She works at a local restuarant and is, for the moment, relatively unknown. However, I've been wanting to shoot with Courtney for a while, but we haven't been able to sync up our schedules. So my hairstylist, Tara Copeland, decided to take Courtney down to Dockweiler beach and shoot her herself. Courtney is still a little shy in front of the camera but I think that's kind of appealing. This much I can tell you - in real life this girl is a real eye catcher and she has quite the body on her. Don't be fooled by these front-only shots Winking

Anyway, I'd be interested hear people's opinions on Courtney. Also, hit her up on Twitter if you like her - she's only got 20 followers, so I'm sure she'll appreciate it. (Click to enlarge)


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