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Vanessa Veasley

Vanessa Veasley - KING Magazine Winter 2011

This was one of my favorite spreads from this issue of KING magazine. As some of you know, Vanessa Veasley gave a great interview previously on my blog in which she prognosticated about the future of urban modeling, stating (in response to whether urban modeling was dead): "There is no industry. There are urban models, urban mags, urban music, and events, but we have totally lost the small industrious nature of it we were slowly cultivating in the early '00s. ¶ I don't think it will ever recover. Models are being replaced by strippers who don't need the money and beautiful, insecure women who shoot mags only to validate themselves. Any dude with a camera is now a photographer; any dude that can code has an online magazine. Music videos have no budgets and no one watches them anyway. It's a circus." I always thought that was a pretty dead on assessment of the current state of affairs in "the business." Gotta love it: beauty and brains.


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Exclusive Interview: Vanessa Veasley

I've got an ax to grind with Vanessa Veasley madder It's not that I don't like her personally - I don't really know her - but I don't like how she ostensibly worked the system by being an editor at SHOW while also being featured on several covers.

According to Vanessa, that's inaccurate. A recent exchange between us on the infamous BlakkJackSkanz message board went a little something like this:


Within minutes of her post, I got an email from her that read: "Instead of making up lies and assumptions about me on your and other websites why not just interview me? Might be fun! Lol" Busted! Touche Ms. Veasley. What you're about to read is the result Vanessa's good sportmanship and invitation to interview her.


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Credit Where Due - Vanessa Veasley

I try to post women that look good, irrespective of whether I like the particular model or not, which I don't in this case (how can you be the [one-time] editor of a major urban magazine, and a model in it at the same time? Isn't that a conflict of interest?) Nevertheless, these are some nice pics of Vanessa Veasley.

Props to Dynasty Series for these.


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BlackJackSkanz Top Vixen Results

This is the result of over 9,000 votes on BlackJackSkanz - one of the best known websites for urban models out there.

A couple interesting notes: 1) Seems like Suelyn should be higher - she had a great '09, 2) Seems like Cubana and Vanessa should be lower; a testament to the power of a large Twitter following, and 3) Suleika's position seems well deserved.

Bria finished Second Place in Cutie Central's Top Vixen Poll for '09 (number one for Model in Highest Demand) so it looks like she is quite possibly the number one urban model right now. biggrin

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Vanessa Veasley - Show Showcase

Browse around Vanessa Veasley’s Twitter page and you’ll see that this model and SHOW mag editor is more than just a pretty face - she’s got a good head on her shoulders. That last pic suggests she used be a little thicker at one point though. (Click to enlarge)


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