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Rosa Acosta

Rosa Acosta in Two In The Shirt Promo

The video would appear to be the embodiment of the phrase "eye candy"... Reach Rosa Acosta on Twitter here. T.I.T.S. Brand here.

ROSA ACOSTA X ESTEVAN ORIOL X TITS 2012 from Estevan Oriol on Vimeo.

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BlackJackSkanz Top Vixen Results

This is the result of over 9,000 votes on BlackJackSkanz - one of the best known websites for urban models out there.

A couple interesting notes: 1) Seems like Suelyn should be higher - she had a great '09, 2) Seems like Cubana and Vanessa should be lower; a testament to the power of a large Twitter following, and 3) Suleika's position seems well deserved.

Bria finished Second Place in Cutie Central's Top Vixen Poll for '09 (number one for Model in Highest Demand) so it looks like she is quite possibly the number one urban model right now. biggrin

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KING's Comeback Issue

Looks like Rosa Acosta took the cover. No surprise there - no one can deny that girl's hustle. Looking forward to seeing more. Props to Dynasty Series for this.

Question: why is KING's website not updated? Why don't any newsstands here in Los Angeles know about this? Not the greatest publicity campaign.


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XXL Eye Candy of the Year - Rosa & Tammy

In a first, the Eye Candy of the Year is a tie between Rosa Acosta and Tammy Torres. You can keep up with Rosa Acosta on her Twitter or drop her a line on her MySpace.

Don’t rule me out of the scanning game fellas. Winking
Rosa Acosta XXL

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