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Nikki B - The Infamous Smooth Girl Pics

This is that killer set Nikki B did for Smooth Girl a couple years back. I don't believe they had ever been scanned right (and by "right," I mean I don't think BlackJackSkanz had ever scanned them). This is the model from the new Ludacris "How Low" video, by the way. Click to enlarge.


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Dollicia Bryan - Military Doll

Not sure what to make of this pic, but I like Dollica. Be interested to hear other's input.
Here's one unretouched early pic of Dollicia too, which shows she's pretty impressive without Photoshop.


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Catya Washington - Black Lingerie #9 Outtakes


Here are a few of Catya Washington aka Ms. Cat's outtakes from SHOW's Black Lingerie #9. Visit their website to see more from this set. You can also contact Ms. Cat for booking here.

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Ciara - Backs To The Future

Sorry for the cheesy title - I couldn't help myself, lol. This Ciara Chantel's body is something serious.

Interesting factoids:

1. She's a Taurus.
2. College grad from A & M University in Alabama.
3. Notable quote: "Why should I have to apologize for being juicy?" (SHOW mag)
4. Her Twitter Page here.


Plus one candid (to show proportion - sheesh!)

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Bria Myles - Black Lingerie #9 Outtakes

Here are a few of Bria Myles outtakes from SHOW's Black Lingerie #9. Visit their website to see the rest.

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Nikki B - Ludacris "How Low" Video

This is the second time Nikki B has stolen the spotlight in a major music video - the first one was Drake's "Best I Ever Had." Whenever a model has folks making threads on message boards asking who they are, that's how you know they stole the video. Hopefully, I'll have some exclusive shots of Nikki coming up soon. For now, you can download a high quality version of "How Low" here and reach Nikki B on Twitter here.


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Exclusive Interview - Katherine Monsalve

Katherine Monsalve is what I'd call a collector's item - hard to find and valuable. For most of 2009 only a handful of pics circulated of her and she had no Twitter, Facebook or Myspace page. Then, at the end of the year, she was featured in KING's highly anticipated comeback issue. Not bad for a girl flying under the radar. This ultra feminine ingenue (she's only 19) is rocking some serious hips and a backside that puts fellow Colombian Shakira's to shame. To add insult to injury, she's actually nice! I talked to her recently about her low profile, choice of photographers and plans for the future (oh, and that little move she does in the "Shake That Thang" video).

You were recently featured in the new issue of KING magazine. How did that come about?
I work with Artistic Curves Talent Management. They called me told me I was booked to shoot.
Most of your pictures are with photographer Frank Antonio. Is that a deliberate choice to work with him exclusively or is it just a coincidence. If coincidence, are there any other photographers out there you'd like to shoot with?
I actually was doing a shoot for a lingerie designer and Frank happened to be the photographer. I loves his work so I continued shooting with him. I'd love to shoot with Importeyecandy Photography & Paul Cobo.

What are your long term plans for modeling? Are there any specific models whose careers you admire or would like to emulate?
I plan to get into acting. I actually just shot a scene for a film called "King of Paper Chasin".
KMonsalveDeValle copy
You have a very multi-cultural look. I'm sure you get hit on by guys of all races. Are you open to dating men of any race?
A good man is a good man no matter what race he is.
For a long time, it was very difficult to find any contact information on you. Even now, compared to a lot models you're pretty low profile. Again, is this a deliberate choice, and if so, why?
I try to be selective with what is offered to me. I don't want to get burned out. That can easily happen in this industry.
In The Dream's "Rockin' That Thang" video featuring Ludacris you do this little move where you swivel your hips while Luda looks on. It's sexy as all get out. Did you come up with that on your own, or did the director give you specific directions?
I'm very good at teasing the camera. I usually do my own thing.
If you had to summarize your personality in 25 words or less, how would you describe yourself?
I am a fun and very outgoing person. I'm very loyal to my loved ones and I try to help all that I can.
Politics time: how do you feel about the Obama's push to reform health care?
Health care is very important because I will be old someday and I want to make sure I'll be ok with my health insurance.
What can a guy do to catch your attention?
Usually, if a guy is innocently funny, that catches my attention.
Finally, where can look to see more of Kathrine Monsalve in the near future?
I have shot for a few magazines. For political reasons, I can't say which ones yet. What I will say is that you'll see a lot more of me in 2010.

Reach Katherine Monsalve on Myspace here.

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BlackJackSkanz Top Vixen Results

This is the result of over 9,000 votes on BlackJackSkanz - one of the best known websites for urban models out there.

A couple interesting notes: 1) Seems like Suelyn should be higher - she had a great '09, 2) Seems like Cubana and Vanessa should be lower; a testament to the power of a large Twitter following, and 3) Suleika's position seems well deserved.

Bria finished Second Place in Cutie Central's Top Vixen Poll for '09 (number one for Model in Highest Demand) so it looks like she is quite possibly the number one urban model right now. biggrin

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KING Hotties From "The Break"

When KING magazine was in full swing, it was chocked full of beauties. It would often use urban models in editorials, features and in a section called "The Break," which was like the latest news in the business. Other than Julexa (left, first row) and Margarrte Henry (left, second row) - who I can't find anything on - I have no idea who the other two are and KING was notorious for not crediting Break models. So if anyone had any info. on them (i.e., Myspace, Twitter, etc.) please leave it in the comments.


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Miss Koi - Airstream Part II

Miss Koi's images seem to always get a good response here, and since it's tough to find pics of Koi out there on the web, I see no problem with posting her more than most models. 4This one is wallpaper sized, so click to enlarge.


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Laura Dore Gets Four Covers of SHOW

Four covers for one model! Unheard of!

Congrats to Laura Dore. (Click to enlarge.)


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Typical Retouching in Urban Mags

I would say this a good example of standard retouching in urban magazines these days. Notice the following major changes:

1. Wrinkles in neck removed;
2. Breasts slightly augmented;
3. Waist tapered in;
5. Size and shape of butt enhanced significantly.

This is a good example because the "before" picture of the model is not bad at all and this is a pretty modest retouching job - I've seen a lot more extreme. What do think? Is retouching like this hurting the credibility of the industry or is this a necessary evil for good eye candy? Be interested to hear opinions.


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Melyssa Ford - The Rare Jean Shorts Set

Stick around this blog long enough and you will see every lost or forgotten Melyssa Ford artifact you can imagine. A couple other guys and I on an unamed message board started a little competition on who had the most rare Melyssa Ford photos. Needless to say, that thread went 30+ pages. Oh yeah.

MelyssaJean-79375_0a8_03_122_560lo copyMelyssaJean-79384_0fb_02_122_27lo

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Stephanie Holder - Jet Beauty of the Week

I'm going to start posting these more when I see one I like. Vital stats: Height: 5' 8" • Weight: 135 lbs • Measurements: 34-28-39.

I gotta give photographer Lee McDowell props on these. Stephanie's port was a little uneven and his pics were definitely the strongest.


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Bronze Beauty - Bria Myles

Squinty goodness from Ms. Myles. Reach out to her on Twitter here (it's one of the few places you can be sure you're not dealing with an impostor - she's got quite a few of them out there).


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Sleepy Eyed Sexiness - Miss Koi

Miss Koi's Vital Stats:

Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 150 lbs
Measurements: 36-29-47

Reach her on Myspace here.


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Exclusive Interview - Jenna Shea


As most of you know, I've been a Jenna Shea fan from way back, so I couldn't be happier to finally be interviewing her. What I like about Jenna is her girl-next-door appeal paired with her va va voom curves.

Read on to see what makes this Virgo cutie tick...

• What are your plans for modeling in 2010? In other words, what do you hope to have checked off on your to-do list for modeling by the end of this year...

I hope to continue to take over the game as the queen whooty, lol.I hope to do more magazines and get my site up! My growing fan base deserves it!

• For all its outward glamour, urban modeling can be a pretty tough business. There's a lot in fighting between models (just see Twitter for proof) and unprofessionalism from the people who run the business. What lessons have you learned so far about this industry that you can pass along to aspiring models?

Don't sign ANYTHING! Don't listen to people who say they can help you! Do everything on your own! Do your own photo shoots because people can own YOUR image! I can go on and on...You gotta love this industry or you won't survive! You must belong there not want to be there.

• Urban modeling is primarily dominated by black and Latina models. Has being one of the few white models in the game with a truly voluptuous figure worked more to your advantage or disadvantage? Also, have you experienced any reverse racism as a result of this?

Well there are both. It's hard because I am white and I don't have an Ice T to get me ahead. I'm on my own. What is good is I stand out just walking down the street. I'm not expected at all.

• I've seen you talk about being single on Twitter, but I also know that Virgo women are notoriously picky. Why do you think you're single and what qualities does a guy need to possess to have a chance with you?

I am turned on by powerful men. Men who take charge and take care of business. I am picky! I'll take a gentleman with a great personality and a college education over a rapper or NBA player any day. I'm not with the Hollywood scene. I like quiet nights with a movie, not drinking and clubbing - not my style.

• In addition to working with SHOW Magazine, what other magazines are you interested in shooting with? Are there any magazines in particular you'd like to get the cover of? Also, are there any musical artists whose video you'd like star in?

I haven't done music videos. It's not that I won't, but I haven't. I want to shoot Blackmen, XXL, Smooth, ect. I am working closely to DJ Kayslay and will see me in Straight Stuntin' this year.

• Do you feel your photos so far have optimally captured your beauty, or do you believe your best shoots are yet to come?

Everyone says I look better in person. Every time I shoot there better! I get more creative and push the limits a little further.

• When you first hit the scene, there was some controversy about whether your butt was real or fake. As more and more pics of you have come out, however, that noise has died down substantially, but you still occasionally see it on a message board. What's your final word on that subject?

Feel it. That's all I'm saying. If you see me, feel it lol. I have wide hips and thick calves and knees. All natural booty!!!
• Where should your fans look to see more of you in the immediate future?

My Twitter. I twitpic daily! @iamjennashea, also and I'm the top rated web gem! Thank you to everyone who has supported me! xoxo

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Katherine Monsalve - "Rockin' That Thang" Video

For your viewing pleasure, check out model Katherine Monsalve (she's in the new KING issue) from The Dream's "Rockin' That Thang" video featuring Ludacris. There's no sound, just video. On the upside, you don't have to keep scrubbing back and forth through the Youtube video to find this scene. You can reach Katherine on Twitter here.


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Vote Bria Myles at

Just a little reminder to cast a vote for Bria at BlackJackSkanz's Top Vixen of 2009 Poll. Click the pics to enlarge. (Attribution: J'Adore Magazine)


DSC_0056 - bria

DSC_0079 - bria

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Rebecca Witchard

Secret weapon...

SUPER CUTENESS. (Note the chubby cheeks, almond shaped eyes, etc.) Australian model Rebecca appeared on cover no. 2 of SHOW's Black Lingerie Issue #3.

You can reach Rebecca Witchard on Myspace here.



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Surf's Up - Alysha Young

Alysha is one new model I think has incredible potential, and not exclusively in urban modeling. In fact, I would bet that Alysha will actually make the transition into acting. I look forward to working with her again. (Click to enlarge)


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Halie - "Person of Interest"

Okay, I give up. I can't find any problems with this girl. For all intents and purpose she appears to be FIONE! In fact, I am starting to get a very strong urge to want to photograph her, which is not good since the probability of that seems slim (begins to brainstorm about putting her in J'Adore shoot...) You can reach Halie on Twitter here and on Myspace here. Attribution: BlackMen magazine and Paul Cobo. Props to Ant and Tori T over at ECM as they appear to have discovered Halie.

Halie01 copyHalie04 copy
HalieCandid copy

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Miss Koi - Picture Imperfect

Sometimes a flaw in a photo can work to its benefit. In this photo of Miss Koi taken By Doss Tidwell, the Hawaiian Grass Skirt was obviously supposed to be evenly distributed around her lower half. But as Koi herself noted, it created a peek-a-boo effect with the one her cheeks. *Sighs* That may have been a mistake stylistically, but man is that sexy! Sexier even than these shots we see just like this of models with no skirt, oiled down to the hilt.

I should also note that based on his portfolio, it would appear that Doss has "the eye." There're some dope models in his port. (Click photo below to enlarge)


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