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Erin Adams

Erin Adams Is Up To Her Usual Shenanigans...

Which is looking good as all outdoors. Erin gives new meaning to the word Amazon.


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Myspace Hottie of the Week - Erin Adams - Baby's Got a Backs Fixation

Erin is a real looker...

Checking out her Facebook and Myspace profiles* the only things I can say with certainty is that Erin likes attention (lots of it) and she seems to have an ass fixation (with her own).

Even in today's digital camera track-every-second-of-people's life world it's rare to see a girl who has taken
this many pics with her ass poking out. I mean she literally has over 100 photos with poses like this...

But hey, I'm not mad at her. In fact, that's why she's Indo's Myspace Hottie of the Week.



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