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Daphne Duvernay

Daphne Duvernay - Original Inspiration

These photos of Daphne Duvernay (don't even try finding her on Google) by fotog Marc Baptiste had a big impact on me back in the 90s. This one of the first times I had ever seen a black women shot with the Sports Illustrated aesthetic. Also, Daphne looks like she could be your girlfriend, not a "jump off." In the beginning with urban modeling, this is how it was. Black women were more so idealized and cast in the true girl-next-door tradition. As you know, it's a completely different story now.

Notice that these photos hold up over time and still look a lot better than what we are seeing nowadays in the urban market. Also noteworthy is the fact that Daphne is not sporting a weave. Later on, I had the privilege of shooting Daphne's sister, Natalie Duvernay. I'll see if I can dig up a photo or two of her. The resemlance is surprising.


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