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Arley Elizabeth

Arley Elizabeth - Curvy Filipina

Arley Elizabeth is a rarity - a curvy Asian model (or Pacific Islander, depending on your perspective [she's Filipino]). You don't see many of those on the net or in real life. About a year ago I contacted Arley about shooting for the blog. While very polite, she is in that camp of models that will not shoot unless paid. Although I can understand that perspective in certain, limited situations, in many cases I think it's short sighted. For one, photographers who have to pay models to shoot tend not to be the best out there, and over time that can be reflected in the models work. (I'll let you be the judge of that - Arley's portfolio is here) Secondly, if I didn't pay Carol Seleme, Alysha Young, or Bria Myles - models who have been featured in major magazines, music videos, and national TV commercials, etc., - why would I pay in this instance? Sometimes it's about more than a paycheck.

That being said, I featured Arley because I came back to her recently and I still think she's very impressive. This post kind of belongs in the Model Advice section, because it addresses a tricky aspect of the business. Maybe at some point Arley will post here herself and let us know her perspective on all this. I'd welcome it.

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