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Ms. Dynasty

Ms. Dynasty Performing at The BET Pre-Awards Show - Wow!

The consensus on the BET Awards Show this year seems to pretty much be that it sucked, but the one thing that did stand out in a positive way was Ms. Dynasty's performance with Hurricane Chris during the pre-show. On message boards around the net, guys kept asking "Who was the girl performing in the Halle Berry song?" As it turns out, Ms. Dynasty has been around for a minute. I remember seeing her early shots with photographer Aldrick Williams and being impressed. Amazingly, she's got over 100,000 Friends on Myspace.

Seriously, this girl's live performance was better than a lot of model's rehearsed, professionally edited music videos performances. If you don't believe me, you can download the video here and see for yourself. As well, check out additional photos of Ms. Dynasty at BlackJackSkanz website or sign up at Show Girlz Exclusive.

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