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Catya Washington

Catya Washington - KING Summer 2010

I'm glad I interviewed Ms. Cat when I did, because she's about to blow up. These are the type of images and Catya is the type of model that might have saved the urban modeling industry from the current slump that it's in. But there's a war afoot between models and magazine editors, and editors often give in to the models that are willing to do a little something extra to be in a magazine as opposed to who is the hottest. On the other hand, the hottest models can also be a handful to work with. In the end, it's the consumer that really loses out when these two sides can't get it together. Thankfully, they did in this case. Bravo to Ms. Cat and KING magazine! (Scans by me goddamnit, lol - click to enlarge) Oh, there are two pics I didn't scan so pick up a copy!

Catya-Indosplace2 copy
Catya5-Indosplace copy
Catya-Indosplace3c copy
Catya-Indosplace3 copyCatya-Indosplace6 copy

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Exclusive Interview - Catya Washington

Catya Washington aka Ms. Cat is my favorite of the new generation of urban models. Her body is crazy sexy, she’s all-natural – an increasing rarity these days – she has no tattoos, and she’s got a very attractive face. I’ve posted her on my blog and several message boards and the response is always extremely positive.
Ms. Cat recently granted me an interview to learn more about what she’s up to and her plans for the future. 


• I know you’re in a film with veteran actress Kellita Smith called “Conspiracy X.” Based on the film’s description, I couldn’t tell if this was a documentary or a work of fiction. Can you tell me a little bit about how you came to play the role of “Sasha,” what it was like working with Kellita, and when and where we can expect to see this movie?

The movie was fiction however it was shot in sort of a documentary style. The experience itself was amazing. I had a great time; I love working with fellow professionals. There's so much to learn from veteran actors and I was on set like a sponge, soaking up all the knowledge they were willing to give. The entire movie had an amazing cast, and I learned a lot.

• How did you get started in the urban modeling world and how were you able to get acting opportunities, especially given that you’re not based in Los Angeles or New York?

Well one day a friend of mine asked me if i wanted to participate in a black men swinsuit competition, and I at the time I had never even heard of Black Men's magazine, and I was like "Nooooooo way, there are gonna be smoking hot girls there" lol... Long story short, I finally agreed and I won, and after that I found out that I loved being in front of the camera.

NEW CAT3713591
• You hear a lot of horror stories about the urban modeling business in terms of guys in the business – from music artists to magazine editors – not being professional. Have you run into any of that? What has your experience been like so far in the business?

Absolutely! I've dealt with it from the artist, the artist's entourage, the staff on set, photographers, music video directors, etc...and the list goes on and on. But in this industry it's to be expected, because you have so many woman who do cross the line, and will do anything just to be on set, making it harder for those of us that actually showed up to WORK. So I always make it a point to let the people that  just how serious I am about my business. So at the beginning and at the end of the day you have to let them know that you are strictly business.

• What’s your opinion on all the fake body parts these days (e.g., hyrdrogel injections, ass implants, etc.) and do you think this is detracting from the credibility of the industry?

Well me personally I would never get any work done-- I pride myself on being all natural. However I respect the hustle. If its gonna make you money I say go for it. Playboy models have been doing it for years. However, when they start taking it to the extreme, and they start looking like cartoon characters or doing things to their faces, then I think it loses a little bit of the credibility, because you can only go but so far in the urban modeling world.

• What projects do you have coming up in the immediate future (i.e., magazines, films, etc.)?

I have been working soooo hard lately. I shot for King magazine and that will be out in April. I also start shooting another feature film in April and am in talks to do a reality show. I have a website coming soon and im shooting the calendar next month, along with hosting an event near you. My hosting schedule is really crazy right now so I'm bound to be in a city near you.

• Models often say they wanna get into motion pictures or the music industry, but you rarely hear about their plans to get from point A to point B. Without giving away all your trade secrets, where do you see yourself in five years and what steps are you taking to make that a reality?

Ha! The secret is to have a PLAN!  Get a great team and execute your plan. I have a passion for the arts, so I take it really serious. I'm at my acting class, on time every week, being in this industry we tend to rely on our bodies and I love the fact that actors take the time to perfect there craft. I had a director say to me once "Yeah you look the part but can you deliver a line" So in the next five years I'll be doing major motion pictures, launching my clothing line, still writing scripts, and maybe running for president! lol

• Are you single or on the market? If single, what insider tips can you give guys who are interested in you?

Im single but married to the business. With my schedule there's no room for a relationship. I wish I did have the time. As for the guys, I'm definitely taking applications.

• Finally, where can your fans go to see more of you?
The website is coming soon, but for now they can find me on, also Or join me on Facebook 'Cat Washington, and and last but not least the one  and only!

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Catya Washington - Black Lingerie #9 Outtakes


Here are a few of Catya Washington aka Ms. Cat's outtakes from SHOW's Black Lingerie #9. Visit their website to see more from this set. You can also contact Ms. Cat for booking here.

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Ms. Cat - Straight Stuntin

I believe this picture of Ms. Cat originally appeared in Straight Stuntin' magazine. From a photographic perspective, this pic has some serious pros and cons. The pros are the subject, the candy bikini, the setting overlooking the city. All thumbsup. The cons are the horrible lighting that creates harsh shadows on her face.

Anyway, still an interesting photo, if for no other reason but Catya’s raw physical appeal. (Click to enlarge) Follow Ms Cat on Twitter or her MySpace.


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Ms. Cat aka Catya Washington

I found this girl to be downright non-responsive when I attempted to reach out to her about an interview on the blog and a photoshoot. Later, when I suggested her for the J'Adore photoshoot the feedback I got was chilly to say the least, which leads me to believe maybe she had rubbed a few other people the wrong way. BTW, these gorgeous scans are attributable to BlackJackSkanz and SHOW magazine.

Follow Ms Cat on Twitter or her MySpace.


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MsCat - Encore

Given the enthusiastic response she got over the weekend on the message boards, I figured I'd drop the last, new XXL photo of MsCat I have.

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She Got Next: MsCat

You can reach her on Myspace here and on Twitter here. And you can see a lot more pics of her, compliments of world renowned Wasabi, here.
Ms. Cat Feature

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