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Jessaye Grace - "Black Girl With Long Hair"

I discovered a really cool website because of this budding cosmetologist/hottie/hair stylist, Jess Grace. Black Girl With Long Hair is a website devoted entirely to black women who wear their hair naturally. They did a feature on Jess, who has a very cool Youtube Channel where she teaches girls interesting ways to wear their hair naturally. I defy you to watch this video and not find her absolutely adorable.
For those of you wondering what the rest of Jess looks like, there are very few body shots of her out there that I could find. (I don't really think that's part of her mission.) But what I did see was promising. Check here.

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Andrea Bordeaux

This model/actress caught my interest. Check out her blog. Her Model Mayhem page is here. Be interested to hear others opinions on Andrea.



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Christiane K - Bond Girl in Training

The daughter of a foreign diplomat, Christiane K was born in Denmark, spent several years in Spain, and is fluent in three languages. She can also put a man down in 5 seconds flat with one of those iPhone cases.... Well, that's not really true. Happy Nonetheless, this international beauty will kick your butt if you try to relegate her to the position of arm candy. "The feminist in me has been surfacing a lot more since I moved to Los Angeles," says Christi. "It’s a shame that girls feel they have to flirt or act like groupies in order to get places and meet the right people...I had one guy invite me along for a night out with some people and he tried to tell me what to wear - to make sure it was sexy enough. I was offended."

This Danish beauty may have strong opinions, but she also has an open mind and is currently dating an African American man. Christiane is represented by the Alvarado Rey Agency and will be prominently featured in an upcoming Coca Cola campain, so look out for her. Also, stay tuned for more pics of her from my shoot in Venice. (Click first image below to see full sized version)

Credits - Model: Christiane K | Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Hair: Joshjarie Nelson | Photography:
Bonus shot:

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Carol Seleme Daniel - Art School Confidential

I was starting to think art school cuties like Audry in Dan Clowes' "Art School Confidential" were just a figment of his imagination. That is, until I met Carol Seleme Daniel - an art student at Otis School of Design in Los Angeles. Carol is one of those rare women who looks even better in person than she does in her photos. We shot in Venice a few days ago, and there are lots of good shots to come, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you want to check out her art portfolio, you can see that here. P.S. Carol checks the blog so she may join the discussion here once it gets going.

Credits - Model: Carol Seleme Daniel | Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Hair: Joshjarie Nelson | Photography:


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Exclusive Interview: Vanessa Veasley

I've got an ax to grind with Vanessa Veasley madder It's not that I don't like her personally - I don't really know her - but I don't like how she ostensibly worked the system by being an editor at SHOW while also being featured on several covers.

According to Vanessa, that's inaccurate. A recent exchange between us on the infamous BlakkJackSkanz message board went a little something like this:


Within minutes of her post, I got an email from her that read: "Instead of making up lies and assumptions about me on your and other websites why not just interview me? Might be fun! Lol" Busted! Touche Ms. Veasley. What you're about to read is the result Vanessa's good sportmanship and invitation to interview her.


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Tatiana from Sweden

This is one of the NSFW posts, but I guarantee if you like 'em thick you will not regret clicking this image below. BTW, Tatiana comes to us courtesy of a new site called Thicker.


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"Music, Money & Hip Hop Honeys" - Nel Hedayat

The BBC 3 recently aired this documentary, "Music, Money & Hip Hop Honeys" and I managed to catch it the other night on Youtube (get it while you can, because it will likely be taken down soon). I remember when one of the producers for this special reached out to Bria Myles. It's unfortunate she was unavailable, because it's quite good. Initially, I was a little skeptical of Nel Hedeyat, who is not-so-secretly judging her subjects while at the same time parading around, as cute as a button, and in a very subtle and intelligent way, making herself the subject the same type of male fantasizing that she is documenting. But by the end, she gives one the most broadly encompassing persectives I've ever seen on the subject, and even becomes a video vixen herself, even if only briefly. This is far more comprehensive than say, Sarah Hubinger's take on having a big butt, in her book "Jiggles."

One thing this special sheds light on is that, as much as we may say urban modeling is dead, there are success stotries of it here in the US that are driving young women in the UK to still want to do this. For instance, Angel Lola Luv is still seen as big deal to them. Also, there's no denying the success of Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian. In fact, Amber made more money than Melyssa Ford ever did. Maybe this industry isn't completely dead after all...

A couple of scenes of note:

"Rosine" at 12:40 is probably the most voluptuous of the vixens featured...

The segment on Elisha Jade's bad experience with a perv photographer is definitely interesting...
Elisha jade

Finally, perhaps the most charming segment is when Nel gets all flattered and giggly when agent Mike Styles tells her she's "sexy" and could be a video vixen. I don't know if Nel was acting or not, but that sure was an enjoyable scene. (At 49:00)
Nel's meeting with intellectual Toni Blackman is also an eye opener - you don't expect her to say what she does. She tells Nel she could learn a thing or two about expressing her sexuality and being free from video vixens.

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Sonia Dara - Beauty and Brains

Sonia is the perfect personification of beauty and brains. Talk about having a back up plan - she's a sophomore at Harvard majoring in economics and minoring in human evolutionary biology. Of her appearance as a "rookie" in SI, she states: "My classmates at Harvard will flip when they see this--especially the nerds. And at Harvard that's everyone, myself included. I'm usually in jeans, a chunky sweater, a ponytail and glasses, with my head buried in a book. The people who know me would have to seriously use their imaginations to picture me as any kind of model." My guess is that she has underestimated her male friends' imaginations. Winking

Sonia Dara

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Elisha Jade - Commercial Sexy

Nice new shot of Elisha Jade.


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Front Magazine - Rosie Jones

I posted this cover of UK's Front Magazine because I like the cover design - it's got a nice little creative touch with the model pulling back the backdrop to reveal the contents. Also, great use of fonts. But most importantly, I think this retouching is a lot closer to where we need to be in the urban game. Note that you can still see skin texture on Rosie's thigh (I included a higher res scan for inspection - just click image) in the photo.


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Catrisa Turner - Up and Comer


Catrisa Turner is making a mark for herself in the urban game. And just like her beauty, her accomplishments sneak up on you. In a short period she has been featured in a Gucci Mane video ("Lemonade"), the 2010 Seagram's Gin Calendar, for which she had signing duties, and was recently featured on the cover of Sweets magazine. This 23 year old Virgo is definitley the real deal.
Catrisa1 Indosplace
Catrisa Indosplace

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Temeca Walking - SHOW Videos

This is just a preview clip. The entire vid in .flv format easter egged here - in HD format. grinning (Hint: Alysha)

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Jahaira Maravilla Outtake


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Is Black & White Photography Making a Comeback in Eye Candy?

The first model is Kathleen Edge. The second is an internet model named Bryci.

P.S. I was being faceteous in my blog title - obviously black and white photography is timeless, but it did suffer a slight setback with dawn of the DSLR and digital photography.


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