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Xian Mikol Quon

Me In My Place - Xian Mikol Quon

I've mentioned the blog Me In My Place before here, so you can check that post for the overview. Long and short - professional photographer for Esquire magazine anonymously doing pet project shooting everyday women (and occasionally models) in their place of residence. Generally speaking, I love the photography, but the models are usually not so curvy. But Xian Mikol Quon is kinda different. Cute face, and fairly "thick"...

Even though she was on Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, I couldn't find much about her online pictorially speaking, and esp. not any photos in swimwear or lingerie. But she wore it for MIMP.... Winking That's how you know your blog is getting really popular: when you can get models to do what they haven't otherwise. Anyway, his stuff is always in good taste, so it's not really all that controversial...
you-were-sayingXian Mikol Quon
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