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Miss Koi Throwback

UPDATE: Photo added 11/28 - click to enlarge.

An outtake from our shoot together. I always like Miss Koi's photos. (Click to enlarge)

Credits - Model: Koi | Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Photography:


Miss Koi Couch

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Sabrina Outtake

UPDATE: New pic added as of 11/26. (1st Image can be clicked to enlarge)

Not the best from the shoot, but still kinda sexy. Besides, Sabrina's juicy legs seem appropriate for Thanksgiving. Winking


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Regina's Turn - Westwood

The interesting thing about my shoot with Regina and Alysha is that they both knocked it out of the park. This shot again shows the amazing low light abilities of the Canon 5D Mark II. I believe I shot this at ISO 1200, and as you can see, there's very little noise. The even lighting on Regina's face was achieve by having my make up artist do double duty and hold up a scrim to diffuse the sunlight. Not bad, eh?

Credits - Model: Regina Ragni | Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Hair: Tara Copeland | Photography:


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Alysha Young - Westwood Village - Reprisal

Update: A new image was added in the dead of the night on 11/18, lol.

Another image that proves that if you've got a gorgeous model and good hair and make-up, you can pull off a great shot anywhere. This picture was taken in a parking structure: that emblem to the left of Alysha is the Roman numeral 3 (because that's the parking level we were on). (Click on image for larger version)

Credits - Model: Alysha Young | Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Hair: Tara Copeland | Photography:


Added image:


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Elisha Jade Opens Her Website

Elisha Jade is my favorite urban model hailing from the UK. Without a doubt, if this girl was in Cali I would be shooting with her. She recently opened up a new website that takes an interesting approach to selling images. Each set is sold separately for download, as opposed to a monthly fee. I haven't downloaded any sets yet but she gave me a couple sample images and what I saw looks great. Check her out:

elisha jade purple dresselisha jade black lingerie

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New Bria Myles

A new test shot I took with Bria today. Hit her up on Twitter if you like.


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Howard Huang's "Urban Girls"

Tonight I picked up Taschen Book's "Urban Girls," which is a hard bound "art book" collection of the photography of Howard Huang. Huang specializes in urban model photography for magazines like BlackMen. I'll just say this right off the top: I like Huang's work. I like his use of color and his lighting. While there is much about Huang's photography that, on the surface, looks like SHOW magazine's stuff, it's more intricate and better thought out in my opinion.

Bria Myles is on the cover of this book, which is also sold in stores like Barnes & Noble. The paper stock is quite heavy and the printing is top notch. It really is a beautiful tome which is as pleasing to the touch as the eyes. You'll also find high quality reproductions and outtakes from shoots with some of your favorite models, like the ones featured below of Maliah and Jessikah. Overall, I'd give this book a high recommend. It's a good look for urban modeling. (Click photos to enlarge)


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Natalie Laughlin - Plus Sized Beauty

I recently discovered plus-size model Natalie Laughlin on the internet and was surprised that a model this curvy was able to break through to the mainstream. She since retired, but she obviously made a mark on the industry. (Click photos to enlarge)


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Maliah Michel - Just Wow

What a year this girl has had. Bravo to Maliah - check her out on Twitter here. (Despite my admiration for Maliah, she *is* really missing out by not shooting with yours truly, lol)


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