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AGT Promo - Olivia Jensen

This is a promo for, a new website I’m working on that will include reviews of indie games, graphic novels and smaller films by the extremely hot models I’ve met over the course of doing Indosplace, and some new ones. We’re shooting the first ep. this weekend with Carol Seleme. Meanwhile, enjoy this promo by Olivia with one additional clip.

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Caught My Eye: Ariee, Kirby, and Adella

I first noticed Ariee on Model Mayhem. It wasn’t until later that I saw she hung out with Carol Seleme Daniel. She’s just so petite and feminine and cute. Ariee has got that serious GF appeal, lol.

Kirby Cernosek is a plus size model who was called to my attention by a loyal Indosplace blogger. She’s already starting to pop up on Tumblr pages *sigh*


Adella sent me a note recently on Model Mayhem and I was like, “Wow!” Every now and again a woman who has the look you actually like to shoot will reach out to you. It doesn’t happen often, but it sure is nice when it does.

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Karry Frenchy - The New Hotness

Karry Frenchy is the latest video vixen to catch my attention. I guess I’ve been lucky lately, ‘cause much like Brittany Janelle, Karry was very polite and responsive when I mentioned I wanted to do a feature on her. She’s from France originally. Below is a little more information about Karry, who will certainly catch your eye in her latest video, Ace Hood’s "We on”. (I implore y’all to watch it, lol)

1. How long have you been modeling and what music videos have you been in so far?

I've been modeling for while but didn't take it seriously when I was younger. I did a couple video for a French Rapper named "Booba" ( the biggest on in France ) and then I just started to do video shoots in US. For instance, I did Ace Hood "We on" and Bobby V ft Lil Wayne "Mirror”...


2. Have you been approached by any of the major urban magazines to shoot and which one would you most like to be featured in?

Actually I'm supposed to do a photo shoot for "Blackmen Magazine" but our schedules are not in sync right now… But we are planning to shoot soon.

3. How about those stats - height, measurements, etc.?

About my stats, I don't really know because in France we don't say it the same. All I know is that I'm 5.2 feet and 145 pounds.


4. Other than Twitter, do you have a Facebook or any other websites you'd like to promote?

I used to have a Facebook page but I deleted it. I have Instagram: karry_Frenchy

5. What is your ultimate goal in the entertainment and when can we see you next?

My ultimate goal would be acting. And you might see me a lot soon Winking

Oh, and she’s a Cancer (NOTE: the see comments sections below for add’l pics of Karry)


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Bria Myles - Braids

Over the years, braids have come and gone. Who can forget Bo Derek in “10”? Now Solange Knowles and several other high profile types are rocking braids again. One things for sure: curves never go out of style. Winking Check out Bria Myles on Twitter. (This was our first shoot together in a while - lotta fun.) * The initial pic is now here.


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