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Blog Fav Sabrina Hunter

This photo of Sabrina Hunter, taken in a somewhat industrial area of Los Angeles, proves that if you have an attractive model, a nice camera (Canon 5D Mark II), and a good make-up artist ( Tai Young-Jackson) you can get a good shot just about anywhere. Winking If you like it and her, hit Sabrina up on her Twitter.


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Jolina - Smooth Jamaica Issue

This girl, Jolina, caught my eye in the new issue of Smooth. Unfortunately, her website is rather generic and not all that impressive. I would love to see some candid shots of her, without all the retouching. She certainly appears to have a lot potential. (Oh, and 4th Mal EE is posted - 3 .rar parts; be sure to check model advice and look at the comments for hints)


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Melyssa Ford - One Pic From New KING

One photo from the new KING magazine featuring Melyssa Ford that I hadn't seen anywhere on the net. Many people commented that the picture on the cover of KING did not look like Melyssa - well, this definitely does. This is classic Melyssa Ford. (Click to enlarge)


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Mal Malloy Halloween Video - Preview

For Halloween, Mal Malloy will be talking about her favorite scary movies and showing off her sexy new Halloween costume as an army nurse. Worth noting is that Mal has a new HD webcam, so the quality of these videos will be significantly higher than in the past. I'm also making the Easter Eggs much
Picture 24-Malloy-logo-sm1
easier this time around. No password protected files. The EE vids will be uploaded shortly, likely tomorrow evening. The first is a large version of the Mal pic on the right (it's in the month of Sept. and it's easy - think precious stones)

UPDATE: Mal's movie review has been added as well as an Easter Egg(s). To avoid confusion (and frustration), please read this carefully. For the most past, the EEs are hidden in ads. If you have an adblocker, that will cause problems. The 1st EE is honestly one of the best Mal videos I've ever seen. It is pretty high res and is in .mv4 Quicktime format. It is broken into 4 RAR files that are spread around - remember to look at other areas of the site, not just "Video Vixens." There is also one .3GP small version of this EE in its entirety that is hidden as an EE in very low res - but it gives you an idea of what you'll see. Good luck! Hints will be added to comments and Twitter page. The first hint is that blog favs (e.g., Bria) should be checked.

Meanwhile, click photo for link to preview video (download link here for super hi res version)


Mal Movie Review (Direct download link to hi res video here- VLC or Quicktime necessary ):


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Alysha Young in Just Dance 2 Commercial

If you watch television at all, it's been pretty hard to miss Alysha in the latest commercial for the Ubisoft's Just Dance 2 game for the Wii, along with Kim Kardashian and some other celebs. I think Alysha is proof that having a real career in modeling/acting is not mutually exclusive with occasionally doing projects in urban modeling. (Click collage image to be taken to Just Dance 2 commercial)

Credits - Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Hair: Tara Copeland | Photography:

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Dutch actress Victoria Koblenko

Victoria Koblenko is the actress in the Philips sponsored "Nigel & Victoria" viral campaign for their electronic products. The webisodes about the awkward Philips rep who has a crush on the Victoria, who is ostensibly playing herself, have their own allure. More than anything, Victoria - who is probably a little thicker than she would've been if these commercials been on prime time television - has indefatigable stores of charm; she's a real Nordic beauty.


The most interesting product is this battery back for the iPhone that transmits additional power to the unit via suction cups, thereby extending the battery life by 2x.

Victoria3 copy


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Melyssa Ford on Cover of New KING

Let me make a few positive comments. I like that KING has been loyal to Melyssa and vice versa. You see this type of loyalty between mainstream outlets like Esquire magazine and Jennifer Aniston all the time, where she will get repeated covers. It's nice to see it in the urban genre as well. Also, kudos to KING for putting out a high rez version of their covers. It preserves their branding. They know it's going to get scanned anyway, so they might as well have the best representation out their of it they can: theirs! Finally, whatever else I've said about Melyssa, I have never contended that she represented anything other than the game at its best, and right now we need leadership, damn it! Nice work KING. (See the rest of the pics on KING's website.)

(Melyssa is kind of giving off an Essence Atkins vibe in this photo, no?)



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Courtney Black

Check her out on Youtube here and join here on Twitter here.


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Alysha Young - Model's Choice

This photo was chosen by Alysha Young herself, unlike many of the other photos here which were chosen by me. What does her selection say about how she views herself? How does it compare to my selections? Please discuss*.

* J/K. That was my best imitation of some of my English essay questions in college. Winking


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