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Olivia's Reappearance

You've taken a little break from Indosplace recently and some of your videos mysteriously disappeared. Can you tell us a little bit about what you've been up to and why some of a couple of your more popular videos wound up in the X-files?

Well I haven't been up to much as far as modeling goes, just laying low and letting some of my "hype" die down. As far as a couple of my videos getting the axe; in my opinion they were subtle sexy, yet they somehow ended up on pornographic sites if you will. It didn't sit well with me to see
my videos and or photos next to such crude photography. I do not want to be compared to or associated with pornographic sites and or blogs, no judgment to the women on those sites, it's just not for me.

What are your plans to take the entertainment business by storm in 2012?

My plans? Same thing I do every day, try to take over the world. (reference to pinky and brain lol) Honestly I would like to start making some moves and actually get the ball rolling on my modeling/acting career. Also I think it's past due for our shoot indo, get your life togetherWinking I would love to take a few months to just live in L.A. And see what could come of that.

You seem to enjoy taking sexy, yet cute and tasteful pics. Would you consider yourself a bit of an exhibitionist? What's your goal when taking pics?

An exhibitionist!? By no means haha, I'd like to think of myself as a fabulous photographer trying to capture a picture that would make someones day. I don't think I have a specific goal when taking photos, if I get a new article of clothing, I immediately want to photograph it to see what it looks like, cocky? All in all I just enjoy being infront of a camera, I'm such a Ham like that Happy


Any thoughts on your sudden popularity on the net? Can we expect a future Facebook page or Twitter?

Hmm I don't quite think much of it, because I'm not too well known. But I would like to thank those who are my "fans" definitely makes me want to keep on keeping on. And yes in the future you can expect a Facebook or twitter! Just not sure when that will be. Such a tease ha

What sign are you (old school)

Pisces of course.

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